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It’s Time For Back-To-School Dental Checkups!

DID YOU KNOW THAT TOOTH DECAY is the most common chronic disease in children? An estimated 42 percent of children between ages two and 11 get tooth decay in their baby teeth, and it doesn’t stop there, with 59 percent of kids between 12 and 19 getting at least one cavity.

As alarming as these statistics are, childhood tooth decay can be prevented with good oral health habits and regular dental appointments.
Why Schedule A Back-To-School Dental Appointment?

When it comes to the health of your children’s teeth, an ounce of prevention is absolutely worth a pound of cure. If you wait until there’s an obvious problem, it’ll take more extensive (and expensive) treatment to fix. Teeth won’t start to hurt until decay has reached the dental pulp, so bring your children in for an appointment before it can get that far.

What To Expect At Our Office

At Dental Distinctions we pride ourselves in being your family Dentist, that includes being there for your children! We recommend seeing them every 6 months for an oral exam and cleaning. Once a year we advise radiographs to look for cavities in between the teeth. Turns out that most children love eating sticky candy and not brushing twice a day but that’s why we’re here! At each checkup we recommend applying a topical fluoride varnish to strengthen their teeth and prevent cavities. Oh and don’t forget to get those little choppers sealed. The sugar bugs love those nice nooks and crannies on the chewing surface of the molars, a sealant helps cover those grooves so the bacteria doesn’t stick and is another great way to prevent cavities. We will be able to give you a heads up when it’s time for each tooth to get one.

What You Can Do For Your Child’s Teeth At Home

There are two major factors in childhood tooth decay; diet and hygiene. Try avoiding soda and juice, when it comes to candy skip the chewy sticky kind and make sure they brush twice a day. Be sure to help them and brush behind them to ensure all the plaque has been removed. When it comes to flossing make sure they get to the teeth that touch since the bristles of the toothbrush can’t get between them. If your having a hard time with compliance you can always try this: “The tooth fairy pays out more for clean and cavity free teeth!”

Here’s a few tips to keep your child’s oral hygiene on track in between appointments:

We’ll See You Soon!

Make sure your kids start off their school year right: with healthy teeth and the confidence to share their smile with new friends and teachers. Call now to schedule your child’s back-to-school dental examination!

Wishing your kids a mouth-healthy year at school!

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